Symbol Names

This is a simple quick-reference page that lists all the symbols and their names. Some symbols have multiple names, and so they're listed with commas in between.

The symbols on your keyboard are included first, and then they are followed my symbols that are commonly used in mathematics and other field. The symbols are roughly sorted by their usage frequency, so you should be able to quickly find the name of the symbol that you're interested in.

&Ampersand, And
'Apostrophe, Single quote
*Asterisk, Multiply
`Backtick, Backquote, Grave accent
\Back slash
/Forward slash
#Hash, Number sign, Pound, Sharp
^Carat, Circumflex accent
-Hyphen, Minus
(Opening/Left parenthesis
)Closing/Right parenthesis
{Opening/Left curly brace/bracket
}Closing/Right curly brace/bracket
[Opening/Left square brace/bracket
]Closing/Right square brace/bracket
|Vertical bar/pipe
_Underscore, Low line
!Exclamation mark
?Question mark
"Quotation mark, Double quotes
.Period, Full stop, Dot
«»Double-angle quotation marks
¦Broken bar
µMicro, Greek letter mu
¿Inverted question mark
¡ Inverted exclamation mark
¥ Yen
×Multiplication, Cartesian product
XOR, Exclusive or
Or, Logical or
Or, Logical or
And, logical and
˜Not, Logical complement
¬Not, Logical complement
Material equivalence, If and only if, iff, Means the same as
Is identical to, Is defined as
Not identical to
Superset, Implies
Strict superset
For all
There exists
There does not exist
Strict subset, Proper subset
Not subset
Delta, Change, Symmetric difference
Element of, Belongs to
Not element of
ØEmpty set, Zero
Ʃ ⅀Sum, Latin letter esh
Product, capital pi
αGreek letter alpha
βGreek letter beta
γGreek letter gamma
δGreek letter delta
εGreek letter epsilon
ζGreek letter zeta
ηGreek letter eta
θ ϴGreek letter theta
ιGreek letter iota
κGreek letter kappa
λGreek letter lambda
μGreek letter mu
νGreek letter nu
ξGreek letter xi
οGreek letter omicron
πGreek letter pi
ρGreek letter rho
ςGreek letter final sigma
σGreek letter sigma
τGreek letter tau
υGreek letter upsilon
φ ϕGreek letter phi
χGreek letter chi
ψGreek letter psi
ωGreek letter omega
Double exclamation mark
Double prime
En dash
Em dash
ªFeminine ordinal indicator
ºMasculine ordinal indicator
Semantically equivalent

As you've probably noticed, the list contains basically all the symbols other than the letters and numbers on the average English keyboard. It also contains named symbols that are only on specific variants of the QWERTY keyboard (such as £, which doesn't occur on US keyboards)

Names of symbols are often unusually hard to find, because (at least as of writing), Google ignores the symbols in your search query. I imagine this is a holdover from the early days of search engines where text corpora where too large to handle in their raw form, and so words were aggressively "stemmed" and tokenized to make the datasets computationally tractable. So what this means is that if you type "name of symbol ^", then Google only sees name of symbol - it completely misses the main part of your query! Hopefully Google will fix this up at some point, but rather than hold my breath, I figured I'd create a neat little "quick reference" site in case it's handy for others.

But to make matters worse, sometimes you don't even have a copy of the symbol to paste it into Google (for example, you just saw your Math professor write it on the whiteboard). So here's a trick to help you if you're in that situation, or if you just can't find the symbol that you're after on this page: Visit, and simply draw your symbol onto the input area provided. It'll give you a bunch of symbols on a search result page, and hopefully that helps you find the name of the symbols that you're thinking of.

If Shape Catcher doesn't help, you can also use a simular function in Google Docs. Just click the "insert" menu, and then click "Special Characters" in the drop-down menu that appears. A box like this will appear:

You can then draw your symbol and then hover over the search results to find out their names.

If people find this site useful, I think I'll create a bunch of different "quick-references" for various categories of symbols (e.g. keyboard symbols, math symbols, set theory symbols, etc.). I think I'll also add data on the specific uses-cases of each symbol, and build up a bit of a database of the most commonly used Unicode symbols. In any case, I hope you do find this site useful - thanks for stopping by!